Peanuts, by Charles Bukowski

Bild: Progressive Boink

Ha Ha Ha, selten so gelacht! Ich bin über Nerdcore darauf gestoßen. Auf Progressive Boink kann man nachlesen, wie es in etwa wäre, hätte Charles Bukowski die Peanuts geschrieben.

answers that never arrive

I sit by the window and listen to the rain
come down
and I think about why we
do these things

we sit with our elbows on these
brick walls,
lamenting the passing of our youth,
and what it means to be

we write letters to Santa Claus
tell him about how
we’ve been good
we should get presents
waiting for answers that never arrive.

we spend our days and nights
screaming our heads off
and all it ever really does
is make my stomach

Bild: Progressive Boink

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